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We’re hiring!

Read more about and apply for the Project Specialist – Match Support position.


Read about Makerspace activities available for TeamMates to check out.

Spotlight on Strengths – Futuristic

This month’s focus is Futuristic. “People exceptionally talented in the Futuristic theme are inspired by the future and what could be. They energize others with their visions of the future.”

Alumni Update: Fayth

Hear the incredible story of former Lincoln TeamMates mentee and UNK alumna Fayth Jackson.

Spotlight on Strengths – Empathy

This month’s focus is Empathy. “People exceptionally talented in the Empathy theme can sense other people’s feelings by imagining themselves in others’ lives or situations.”

Spotlight on Strengths – Competition

This month’s focus is Competition. People especially talented in the Competition theme measure their progress against the performance of others. They strive to win first place and revel in contests.