Mentoring Stories

Each mentoring relationship is special and unique. See what a few of our mentors and mentees had to say about their experience with TeamMates.

From Lincoln Matches

I’ve learned the benefit and importance of sitting, listening, and giving someone your undivided attention. Seeing the world from someone else’s perspective has helped me to grow.

Felicia, TeamMates Mentor

He helps me to think about school and everything I face. He gives me advice, and I listen to what he says.

Leland, TeamMates Mentee

I wasn’t as open. I wasn’t as willing to try things, but now I don’t care. I’m out there. I do everything. I try to make everyone’s day because I realize someone might have a bad day, and I might be the only one to make it.

Haileigh, TeamMates Mentee

Jhett and Bryan Oswald

Meeting him every week during the school year–I look forward to it because it’s something different. Everybody gets so busy, but once you slow down and take a little time, it’s satisfying.

Bryan, TeamMates Mentor

It took me a while to open up because I wasn’t the type of person to share my feelings. But since she kept showing up every time, I knew she was going to be there for me. By fourth or fifth grade, I got comfy.

Suha, TeamMates Mentee

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