Get Involved

Mentoring is a community effort. There are many ways to support TeamMates in Lincoln. Below are several options.

Become a TeamMate

The most direct way to support mentoring is to become a mentor. Mentors give their mentees the gift of focused time. They spend time encouraging, listening, and acting as sounding boards for their students.

Support Lincoln TeamMates

Support TeamMates, Invest in Lincoln

The annual investment to provide one TeamMates mentor to one student is $519. This is an investment in that student and in the future of our community. Discover how your donation could have a ripple effect for generations to come.

Lincoln TeamMates Partner Organizations

TeamMates Partners

Lincoln TeamMates could not function without the support of our many community partners. These organizations include businesses, faith-based organizations, and service clubs that see mentoring as a critical part of their missions. See why current partners view the relationship as an advantage and learn how to build a connection between Lincoln TeamMates and your organization.

Lincoln TeamMates Volunteers

Friends of TeamMates are friends of the future.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated group of volunteers assists the Lincoln TeamMates staff in keeping the program running. Find out how your skills could complement our team.