Support Lincoln TeamMates

Financial support helps our community of volunteer mentors do what they do best: recognize and cultivate student strengths on their road to a higher education.

Your support allows TeamMates to:

  • Recruit new mentors for the 700+ students waiting for a TeamMate.
  • Provide Lincoln-area students with thoroughly screened and well-trained mentors.
  • Address issues and topics relevant to today’s children and youth through Mentor Academies.
  • Provide ongoing, student-mentor support through enrichment events, projects, and opportunities.

Did You Know?

The typical cost for one TeamMates mentee-mentor match for one year is $406. This is well below the national average of other mentoring programs. Because TeamMates is a school-based mentoring program, we are able to keep our costs low and the safety of our students high.

No donation is insignificant! If you donated $1 per pay period, and were paid monthly, here is what your $12 would do:

  • Provide photo IDs for 5 TeamMates mentors. This badge tells school officials that the holder has been thoroughly vetted and trained, and is approved to be on school grounds.
  • Provides 6 community service project kits for students and mentors. These hands-on, conversation starters expose students to the value of community giving.
  • Your support goes further when paired with your friend, neighbor, or co-worker’s $12 donation. For example, $24 will pay for 100, two-sided informational flyers TeamMates uses at recruitment events to reach new mentors.

The Impact of Mentoring

In a word: profound.

While mentoring is largely intangible, there are several, key data outcomes that demonstrate TeamMates’ success. For example, during the 2021-2022 school year:

  • 50% of Lincoln TeamMates students had improved academic performance.
  • 80% of Lincoln TeamMates students had fewer disciplinary referrals.
  • 40% of Lincoln TeamMates students had fewer unexcused absences.

A survey of TeamMates students at the end of the 2021-2022 school year showed:

  • 89% of Lincoln TeamMates students said they are “hopeful for the future.”
  • 100% of Lincoln TeamMates students said they “trust their mentors.”

A positive, forward-thinking mindset is what helps create happy, healthy, productive adults of the future.

Making a donation is easy. Simply click on the button below and follow the prompts. All donations are tax deductible and help us provide the best possible mentoring experience to Lincoln’s children and youth.

You can also download and print a TeamMates Donation Form. Please send your donation and completed form to:

TeamMates Mentoring Program of Lincoln
5905 O Street
Lincoln, NE 68510

There are many nonprofits doing good and important work. Thank you for supporting Lincoln TeamMates.