Information for Mentees

TeamMates is a one to one mentoring program that matches caring adults with youth. Mentors can be a wise and trusted guide and help you be your best. Our goal is that you have a TeamMates mentor until you graduate from high school.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a caring adult volunteer that will meet with you on a weekly basis. Mentors are adults you can turn to for support and encouragement. You have gifts and talents that they will help you develop!

How did I get selected?

You were chosen to be a TeamMates mentee because someone could see that you would “grow” with the support of another caring adult. You may have excellent leadership potential.

Why should I participate?

Current TeamMates mentees say it is fun! You’ll have someone nice who cares about you to be with and talk to at school.

What do we do when we meet for an hour each week?

As a mentee, you will need to meet with your mentor weekly and be open to learning new things. You can talk, play games, try new things, and may do schoolwork together, if you want. Do not ask your mentor to watch you play video games or play them with you. Using the computer as a learning tool is allowed. Your mentor will keep your conversation private unless you tell them you are being hurt, plan to hurt others or yourself, or are involved in harmful or illegal behavior.

What are the rules for TeamMates?

You meet on school grounds. You cannot go to the mentor’s house or any other home. They cannot come to your home. You can invite your mentor to your school activities (concerts, sports events, etc.) that take place on school grounds. Meeting with your mentor outside of school is not allowed.

Important things to remember:

  • Do come to school on your meeting day and let your mentor know if you are sure you will be absent on the next meeting date.
  • Do be on time and be respectful.
  • Do give your mentor a chance. Take time to get to know him/her.
  • Do share with your mentor what you know or like to do.
  • Do be open to new experiences. Your mentor might have a hobby or talent that you may want to learn.
  • Do ask your mentor for help with schoolwork or for general advice.
  • Your mentor cannot give you gifts or money or bring you lunch, so do not ask.
  • Remember: you can only meet on school property.
  • Remember: mentors are not allowed to connect with you on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., nor through phone calls, email, or texting.