Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses.

What are Gallup Strengths?

StrengthsFinder is developed by Gallup and identifies the unique, natural talents of individuals. Rooted in many years of research, Gallup StrengthsFinder is a tool to help identify and understand the lens through which people see the world.

Most successful people share a common trait:
They understand their talents and they maximize them to achieve their full potential.

Strengths-based relationships have a profound impact on student development and performance. Through the Gallup Strengths partnership, research has indicated a positive correlation between students’ looking forward to seeing their mentor and their overall levels of hope, engagement, and well-being.

Lincoln TeamMates provides codes for mentors and mentees to help them to name their strengths. Then, additional training and resources are given to provide matches a chance to claim and aim their strengths in their everyday life.

If you’re interested in participating in Gallup Strengths with your mentee, and have been meeting with your student for at least one year, contact Audrey Watson at or [wpscs id=”tel-link-icon” phone-number=”(402) 436-1990″]

Strengths Resources

When mentors focus on strengths, mentees are more likely to look forward to spending time with them. Use the following resources to help incorporate strengths with your mentee.

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