Become a Lincoln TeamMates Mentor

Thank you for your decision to become a mentor! When you mentor, you make an investment in the future of a young person and, ultimately, the future of our community.


  • Before you begin the application, please note:
    • Each of your three (3) character references must have known you for a minimum of one year.
    • Daytime contact information is needed for each reference.
  • You will be emailed a link to begin your two-part background check and to complete a mentor agreement.
  • For any questions regarding the application or the background check process, please contact the TeamMates Central Office at 402-390-8326 or click here to view eligibility requirements.


  • New mentors attend a three-hour training session prior to being matched with a student.
  • Training introduces TeamMates’ values and mentoring best practices.
  • During training, mentors learn policies and procedures for safety and receive valuable resources.
  • TeamMates interactive training provides the opportunity to ask questions and address concerns.
  • New mentors leave training with confidence to start the mentoring relationship.


  • Matches are made based on similar interests.
  • Mentors can choose the area of town in which they would like to mentor. While most mentors select schools near their home or workplace, mentors willing to travel a bit farther can be placed in more remote areas of greater need.
  • Mentors decide the grade level of the student to mentor.
  • The facilitator at the assigned school will work with each mentor to find a convenient time for the match to meet each week.