Mentee Resources

TeamMates pairs students in grades 3-12 with an adult who acts as their mentor, role-model, and friend. Mentees meet with their mentor once per week at their school, during the school day. During meetings, matches play games, spend time talking, or doing an activity they both enjoy.

TeamMates students are nominated for the program because they could benefit from the positive attention of an additional caring adult. Usually, a school staff member makes the nomination, but some students are nominated by a parent, and others self-nominate. TeamMates only matches students who want to be a part of the program and who receive parent permission.

Once matched, each mentor makes a commitment to TeamMates and their mentee for three years. Over time, matches form strong, trusting relationships. Mostly, mentors spend time listening to their mentees. They help students identify what they are good at, and point out those strengths when they see them at work. Mentors help young people build confidence, encourage positive choices, and look toward a bright future.

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