Sowing the Future Fund

It takes a wise person to plant a seed and trust that what comes from it will bear fruit in their absence.

As Lincoln TeamMates begins to break ground for its Sowing the Future fund, we invite community members, who value mentoring and believe in inspiring youth to reach their full potential, to join us. Perhaps you are unsure of how you want to leave your mark but know that investing in Lincoln’s children and youth is where you want to start. Perhaps you are planning your financial legacy and want TeamMates to be included. Wherever you are in this process, please contact Lincoln TeamMates Coordinator, Jim Bennett, at: 402-436-1947 to begin solidifying your plans for the future.

“If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees.
If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.”

Memorial and Honorarium Gifts

Mentors, past students, former employees, and other friends of TeamMates have often designated gifts to TeamMates in the name of a loved one. If you or your family would like to make this kind of gift, please contact Judy Warren at: 402-436-1947 for details.