John and Christian

September 2019 TeamMates of the Month: A Genuine Connection

School has been in session only three days, and John and Christian have not met since May. As the TeamMates greet one another, a genuine connection is evident. They have a quiet but strong friendship.

“John is a good friend, and he’s really understanding,” says Christian, a sophomore at Northeast High School.  John has been Christian’s TeamMate since third grade.

Shy by nature, Christian believes that John has helped him grow. “He has taught me how to be more sociable and how to look on the bright side of life.” Christian, a self-proclaimed cat-lover, lost his pet. John comforted him. “I was surprised by how caring he is,” Christian says.

“He’s influenced me, too,” John says. “He’s helped me be a better dad, and I’ve learned how to deal with life’s challenges from him.”

The two know one another well. John knows that math is Christian’s favorite subject, he knows that he’s a gifted artist, and that Hawaii is his dream destination.

“I know he loves hanging out with me,” Christian says.

John smiles and nods. “Sometimes we don’t say a lot. We play games and draw, but getting to see someone grow up, doing the right things along the way is priceless. I’m as proud of Christian as I am my own son.”