Carly and Gabbie

October 2019 TeamMates of the Month: The Ripple Effect

Carly knows the impact of a TeamMate. As a youth, she had one. To this day Carly believes that her mentor impacted her life trajectory, and she’s chosen to mentor for the same reasons. “It’s a tough world. It’s changed since I was in high school. Mentoring is about the next generation.”

Both Carly and her mentee, Gabbie, a senior at Lincoln High School, are energetic, goal-focused, hard-working individuals. When they are not engaged in hotly competitive games of Sushi Go, they spend time considering and writing down their ambitions. Writing is how they debrief life.

Gabbie admires her mentor of four years. “I don’t know how people carry their jobs, families, and relationships,” she says of Carly who works two jobs and mothers two boys. “It’s been a good learning opportunity for me.”

Carly believes her eyes have been opened to many things as a result of mentoring. “Like me, Gabbie is learning the challenge of balance. She continues to push to meet the demands of school, activities, jobs and relationships. We talk about it all the time.”

“TeamMates has given me a safe place to open up,” Gabbie adds. “Carly always has advice for the big and small things. She’s always there for me.”

“I’m so proud of how Gabbie is navigating life,” Carly says. “She is courageous and advocates for herself.”

Gabbie is eager to finish her senior year and become a nurse.

“A friendship with a young person is a great learning experience,” Carly says. “We’re both achieving and reviewing life. It’s refreshing to do it together.”