Community Service Project – October, 2019

Cause: Fresh Start Homes

Background Information: The Dream Catcher is a Native American tradition, originating with the Ojibwa, Chippewa or Anishanabeg people, and has been around for generations.  Dream Catchers, sometimes referred to as a “Sacred Hoops”, are intended to hang above a person who is sleeping to catch bad dreams and release good ones.  The web in the center of the hoop catches the bad dreams, while the holes allow the positive ones to slip through and travel to the sleeping person through the strands on the bottom of the hoop.  The sun rays in the morning would then make the bad dreams disappear.  

The women who live and receive support services from Fresh Start are working diligently to utilize their strengths and improve their lives out of homelessness.  

Help give them a positive start to each day by making a Dream Catcher!