Angela and Kyana

January 2020 TeamMates of the Month: Learning From Each Other

As a Northeast High School senior, Spring graduation is imminent for TeamMates mentee, Kyana. Though she has not settled on a major when she starts her secondary education in Fall 2020, the one thing she does know is that she and Angela, her TeamMates mentor of 10 years, will remain in each other’s lives.

“I have no doubt that we will always be in touch,” Angela said. Kyana picked up where Angela left off.

“When we are done [meaning, when Kyana graduates] I still want to get together. I don’t drink coffee,” Kyana laughs, “but I want to meet her for coffee, or lunch, something like that.”

“I have gotten so much out of our relationship,” Angela said. “I hope Kyana has gotten as much as I have. It’s pretty amazing.”

What Kyana received from Angela as her TeamMate mentor is a guaranteed friend. Someone she can depend on, and talk to, someone “you can trust yourself with.” For Angela, Kyana has been a surprising challenge.

“I grew up in a really small town and went to a really small school,” Angela said. “Kyana is very open and loving to everyone and is friends with all people, which is something I’ve learned from her, to be open to more people.”

Meeting Kyana when she was in third grade, Angela has delighted in seeing her grow into a poised and confident young woman, through elementary school, three middle schools, and now high school. She could be called the leader of the Kyana bandwagon, especially when Kyana exhibits rare uncertainty.

“I’ll probably go to UNL,” Kyana said. “I’m interested in education or maybe nursing. It seems too hard but I know I can do it.” Angela gently counters. “Kyana is unsure of her future, as far as her career, but there is definitely a future. She’s just not sure what it looks like yet.”