Naming, Claiming and Aiming Your Strengths

Gallup StrengthsFinder is a survey used to identify the unique, natural talents of individuals. It provides a common language to expand on what is right about people.

We promote Strengths-Based Mentoring at TeamMates, which means we want TeamMates mentors to talk positively about all that is right within themselves. There are three parts to Strengths-Based Mentoring:

  • Naming or identifying what your unique talents are
  • Claiming or recognizing that these are the strengths you lead with in life
  • aiming your strengths

To help TeamMates mentees aim their strengths, we have distributed Gallup Strengths Explorer and Quest Cards to every school. Even if you have not taken the Gallup survey, these cards are a great resource to point out the strengths that you see with your mentee and you see in yourself. Each card details a strength from the Gallup survey and has discussion questions about why that strength is unique and how to use that strength to maximize our full potential in different situations in our lives. For example, if your mentee is transitioning to a new school or new grade, how will your mentee use their strengths in their new environment?

If you and your mentee are interested in taking the Gallup StrengthsFinder survey so that you can name your top talents, please call our office at [wpscs id=”tel-link-icon” phone-number=”(402) 436-1990″] or email Angee Dostal at [wpscs id=”email-link-icon” email-address=””].

Thank you for pointing out the strengths you see in your mentee!