Character Bookmarks Delivery

TeamMates Partnering to Help Make Reading Fun!

TeamMates’ January Community Service Project involved creating character bookmarks for Lincoln City Libraries. Over 400 bookmarks were made by TeamMates matches for children in the Lincoln community. While folding and decorating these bookmarks, matches also talked about the importance of reading aloud, which reflects the message of “Read Aloud Lincoln.”

“Read Aloud Lincoln” is an initiative started by several Lincoln community agencies as a way to help improve kindergarten readiness. At least fifteen minutes of reading aloud daily, from birth to age 8, can dramatically improve a child’s readiness for learning by building literacy skills and language development. TeamMates matches were encouraged to not only create a fun bookmark to encourage others’ to enjoy reading, but also to read aloud to a younger sibling or peer each day.

The bookmarks will be given out (with a free book!) from Lincoln City Libraries at the Early Childhood Family Fair. The fair will also feature educational activities for children, information for families, and many opportunities for families to play and learn together. The fair is Sunday, February 17th from 2:30-4:30p.m. and is free and open to anyone to attend.

Thank you to the TeamMates matches who completed this project!

TeamMates Staff, Stacey Blizek, with the Lincoln Libraries Youth Services Supervisor, Vicki Wood