COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

We know that the policies and procedures outlined below will present extra challenges for matches. We appreciate your continued flexibility and commitment to TeamMates and your mentee.

Due to the fluidity of the situation, all of the information below is subject to change. The full LPS Safe Return to School plan is available here.

In-Person Match Meetings

Lincoln schools welcome TeamMates into school buildings with extra safety precautions.

Updated 3/21/22

Visitors are allowed to return to the cafeteria during meal time.

Face coverings are optional for everyone inside all LPS buildings and on all LPS buses. Individuals may wear a face covering based on their personal preference and informed by their vaccination status and personal level of risk.

Please note: Lincoln Public Schools may adjust face covering protocols as necessary to address changing conditions. Requirements may be implemented for a specific school building, program, classroom or setting based on number of positive cases, community test positivity rate, outbreaks, community conditions and risk of spread.

  • Mentors should sign in with their TeamMates badge.
  • Matches are encouraged to maintain a physical distance of at least three to six feet.
  • Mentors are encouraged to refrain from physical contact with mentee.
  • Mentors are encouraged to wash their hands and sanitize their spaces when possible.
  • Matches must meet in designated areas.

Mentors must self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms before entering a school building*

Do you have one of the following?

  • Fever of over 100.4
  • Onset of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • New onset of dry cough
  • New onset of loss of taste or smell

Do you have two or more of the following?
(lasting more than 24 hours without a known cause)

  • Chills longer than two hours
  • Congestion and/or runny nose
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain

Have you had contact with COVID-19?

  • Contact longer than a cumulative 15 minutes within 6 feet without a face covering, or residing with someone who is positive.

*If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, please contact the school to cancel your in-person meeting.

Below is the reporting process for in-person mentors who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, possible exposure to someone with a positive COVID-19 test/symptoms, or awaiting test results for COVID-19:

  • Contact the TeamMates facilitator at your mentee’s school.
  • The facilitator will contact the TeamMates office.
  • The TeamMates office will connect you with LPS Risk Management who will have you complete an online form.
  • Risk Management will contact you regarding when in-person mentoring may resume.

If your mentee tests positive, you will be notified by Risk Management if you are considered a close contact. 

For questions about the protocols, please call the Lincoln TeamMates office at 402-436-1990.

Virtual Match Meetings

We hope these safety protocols will help all of our mentors feel comfortable going to school and meeting in-person. If you have a health concern that will not allow you to be in the school building, please let our office know. We will work to accommodate you and keep you connected with your mentee. You can contact us at (402) 436-1990 or email   

Email Exchange

Lincoln TeamMates staff continues to facilitate the email exchange program. This program allows you to send secure and monitored emails back and forth with your mentee. These emails do not replace your face-to-face meetings, but serve as an additional communication tool. More information about the email exchange is available here.