Promoting Positive Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is how we see ourselves; it is how valuable we think we are to others. We know that self-esteem can be the difference between success and failure, it can change our thinking to be positive or negative, and can affect our overall happiness.

As mentors, we all want our mentees to be happy and to know how valuable they are to us, their families and friends. We can increase self-esteem by encouraging our mentees to try new things, take on challenges, take care of themselves, make new friends, and to avoid negative self-talk. We want to thank you for providing praise and pointing out positives in your mentee. These affirmations do impact our mentees and can also help promote a more positive self-esteem.


  • Positive Flower – Use this template to design your own positive talk flower. Once you print this out, write something positive about each other on the petals. Feel free to use these Positive Statements to help get you started.
  • Confident Me Scrapbook – Staple or bind together some pieces of paper for a scrapbook.  Then at the top of each page, write a positive statement, such as “I am organized” or “I am a good friend.”  Decorate how you want, but be sure to leave room for you, your TeamMate, friends, and family to write instances that they’ve seen those positive statements in action. Both mentor and mentee can have a book to add to whenever they want!
  • ‘I Am’ Collage – In the center of a blank piece of cardstock, write the words ‘I Am.’ Then, using magazines, cut out words that you think describe you and paste them on the page. You can even cut out words that describe your mentee for their collage and vice versa. Check out these examples!