Community Resources

Valuable resources are available to assist mentees and their families through LPS and community programs.

LPS Resources

  • The Free/Reduced Program offers free or discounted meals to those in need. This is also an important factor in determining other needs-based resources.
  • Clothesline is a partnership between LPS and Junior League to provide free clothing for middle and high school students within participating schools.
  • The Youth Development Team is comprised of specialists and advocates who help students succeed by ensuring students and families are aware of and have access to the necessary resources. The Youth Development Team can be contacted at (402) 436-1974 .

The TeamMates facilitator or school counselor can also assist you with finding the appropriate resource(s) for your mentee.

Lincoln Resources

MyLNK mobile app is a resource put together by a collaboration of community organizations in Lincoln. The MyLNK app provides residents with information and assistance in locating community services. This free app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.