Give to Lincoln 2020 Impact

Give to Lincoln Day 2020 shined a bright light on the generosity and caring of so many, from the chart-busting total of $6.9 million raised overall to the record number of gifts of every size. 

Lincoln TeamMates notched a record year as well. With gifts of more than $26,000, we stand humbly among those who received gifts 24% greater than last year’s. 

None of us at Lincoln TeamMates really knew how the day would go at a time of struggle for so many within and without TeamMates families. In the early hours on May 28, 2020, it seemed that we might need to appropriately set aside our hoped-for gifts to make way for those nonprofits providing basic necessities. 

The city of Lincoln had another plan in mind. Givers seemed to recognize that a “both/and” approach served the city better than an “either/or” one. Together, we met the moment. 

For Lincoln TeamMates, this means continuing to carry out all the behind-the-scenes work that fuels the much-valued partnerships we share with our volunteer mentors. It also gives us the means to expand our remarkable team of mentors so that dozens more youth have the chance to experience the growth and strength of a TeamMates match.

THANK YOU to all our generous partners in Lincoln TeamMates! 

THANK YOU to the unsung heroes at the Lincoln Community Foundation and Firespring who make giving to Lincoln a safe, efficient and unifying process for our whole community. 

THANK YOU Lincoln for being the remarkable home where so many nonprofits thrive!