Summer Fun with Bright Lights

Bright Lights offered scholarships for a few lucky TeamMates mentees to attend a fun, unique class of their choice. Check out how these mentees enjoyed their Bright Lights class!

Elise enjoyed the America’s Girls Adventures Through History class. She wants to be an actress, so she had a great time reading her part in a play!

This Bright Lights class offered cultural and historical lessons in chronological order along with a craft or activity, and food from the era.

Elise had a chance to paint with pine needles and sticks, make wooden memory boxes, write with a quill ink pen and work on a cross-stitch project.

The Jewelry Design Academy allowed Mayda to be creative and have fun as she created new pieces of jewelry.

She worked on a stamped clay necklace after designing the pieces herself.

Mayda made 3 projects a day and brought home a big box of amazing new jewelry to wear.

Ava had a great time in her Sew So Easy Bright Lights class. She chose the class because she wanted to learn how to make new things, and get back into sewing.

Ava was so glad to be in the class since she enjoys being creative. She had fun learning how to make bracelets that could also be used as bookmarks.

Thank you, Bright Lights for offering enriching summer learning experiences! To learn more about Bright Lights visit