Student Achievement Award

The Student Achievement Award is presented to mentees who are nominated by their mentor or school staff for demonstrating growth whether through academic performance, improved attendance, or personal growth.

2024 Student Achievement Award Winners

  • Caleb A., Northeast High School
  • Luna A., Scott Middle School
  • Tyson A., Schoo Middle School
  • Jamil B., Bryan Focus Program
  • Ella C., North Star High School
  • Shyanne C., Northeast High School
  • Madison C., Lincoln High School
  • Cordelia H., Park Middle School
  • Jayonna H., Lefler Middle School
  • La’Nea H., Southeast High School
  • Keilan K., Southwest High School
  • Shaye K., Northeast High School
  • Gracia L., Southwest High School
  • Brianna M., East High School
  • Mileena N., East High School
  • Rebecca N., Northeast High School
  • Konstantin P., Southwest High School
  • Deshawn R., Northeast High School
  • Antonio S., Northeast High School

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