2012 Carmen and Tony Messineo Community Involvement Award Winner: Roland Temme

Roland came to TeamMates with the urge to partner with Park Middle School and have some of his employees start to mentor and get more involved on a one-to-one level within the school. In their first year of partnering with TeamMates, TMCO currently has 7 employees including Roland serving as mentors and a culture of mentoring has been created within TMCO.

On top of spearheading this mentoring effort, Roland himself heard a story of a young man whose family were refugees just arriving to our country and community and he wanted to reach out to this student. Although this student did not speak any English, Roland insisted on becoming his mentor and helping him acclimate to his new environment and school. Roland is currently learning to speak the Karen language so he can communicate verbally with his student. He is truly a remarkable man and is extremely deserving of this award.