2012 Carmen and Tony Messineo Community Involvement Award Winner: Dr. Marilyn Moore

Marilyn Moore is the associate superintendent for instruction for Lincoln Public Schools. She has served in this capacity since 1987. During this time period, the district grew by at least 10,000 students and changed dramatically.  The district became more diverse. Only seven percent LPS enrollment were students of color in 1987, compared to 28 percent today. The number of English Language Learners was about 200, today there are about 2,300.

Marilyn Moore was instrumental in developing strategies to meet the educational needs of this ever changing district.  Marilyn Moore has an unrivaled passion for kids and learning. This passion for kids and learning makes her a great advocate for TeamMates.  When the question is asked in Lincoln  “who will speak for the children?” One name emerges from the masses – Marilyn Moore.  She speaks on behalf of the children in Lincoln, as a member of the Lincoln TeamMates Board of Directors.  We are grateful for her service.