TeamMates Scholarship is Open!

All senior mentees that are actively matched in TeamMates should fill out the TeamMates National Office scholarship application for a chance to receive up to two scholarships through TeamMates. It’s one application that puts students in the running for many scholarships. The application is due January 20th.

There are many important items to review when planning for post-secondary education. Review the resources below to help on that journey.

  • FAFSA –  The FAFSA application determines Pell Grant (money for school from the government) and loan eligibility, and all colleges and many scholarship applications require it. A FAFSA checklist is HERE for your reference to help you gather necessary information. It is important to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible! You can fill out the FAFSA here.
  • EducationQuest – A great, free resource for anything you need for college. They are always available to answer questions. You can reach them at: 402-475-5222.
  • TeamMates Senior Guide – A great resource to review the terms, steps needed, and resources to navigate this post-secondary journey. You can get that HERE.
  • Gallup Strengths Survey – TeamMates senior mentees and their mentors are invited to take the Gallup Strengths survey for free. This tool allows participants to learn and develop their strengths to maximize their potential. Sign up HERE.

There are many other scholarships available to students pursuing a post-secondary education. Other great scholarship opportunities are listed below.

  • Learn to Dream Scholarship – If a student qualifies for free/reduced lunch, they can earn their Associate’s Degree (60 semester credit hours) at one of the Southeast Community College campuses in Beatrice, Lincoln and Milford, without paying tuition and fees. They can use this scholarship for academic transfer as well if they plan to attend a 4-year school. They can apply here.
  • Nebraska Promise – Covers whatever tuition costs are not covered by Pell Grant, scholarships, or work study aid at any of the University of Nebraska campuses. This scholarship is only available to students that are Pell Grant eligible (you’ll find that after you complete the FAFSA) and that live in Nebraska. They can apply here.
  • Susan Buffett Scholarship – Many scholarships are available as long as seniors meet the requirements. Application opens in November and closes February 1st.
    For more information and the application, click here.
  • LPS Foundation Scholarships – Like the TeamMates scholarship, just one application applies students to more than 100 scholarships. Application opens in December and closes in February. For more information and the application, click here.