December Mentor Academy

Stress and Well-being: Change Your Mind; Change Your Life

Kim Barrett, Assistant Director for Wellness Services and Fitness Programs at UNL, presented about the effects stress can have on the body. She also provided tips and tools on how to manage stress.

Watch the full video from the December Mentor Academy.

Are You Stressed?

Stress is a natural occurrence that happens to everyone, no matter how organized or positive they are. Barrett provided signs that may indicate you are stressed, including:

  • Neglecting your diet or exercise
  • Failing to see humor/take things personally
  • Sleeping habits change
  • Keeping everything inside
  • Lacking energy to be productive

Modeling Healthy Habits

Barrett encouraged mentors to be an example of well-being their mentees could emulate. She led mentors through several simple exercises to help manage stress and improve overall well-being.

  • Practice mindfulness: Focus on the present, kindness and gratitude
  • Breathe: Focus on deep vs. shallow breaths
  • Relax: Do something that truly refreshes you, like taking a walk or stretching from head to toe
  • Sleep: Strive for 6-8 hours each night
  • Be Active
  • Eat Well: Drink water, limit simple sugars and caffeine
  • Live for what you believe in: Stress comes from ignoring values and/or beliefs