Staying Connected Over the Summer

We want mentors and mentees to be able to stay connected even when school is not in session. Below are three ways the two of you can stay in touch.

Email Exchange

We will be continuing the email exchange between mentors and mentees through the summer. To maintain boundaries and honor TeamMates policy, a liaison at TeamMates will serve as your virtual mail carrier. TeamMates will review and forward your email with the mentor/mentee email addresses removed. Please send your first correspondence to

Please send your first email letter to using the subject line “Message from your TeamMate”. We’ll do the rest!

Please click here to see a short FAQ list to support your email exchange with your mentee.

Summer Meetings

We are excited to invite you to sign up for summer meetings! Here is what you need to know:

  • Meetings can be up to one hour once a week at an approved school, but they can be less frequent than that. It’s okay if you only meet once or twice over the summer.
  • Many schools from elementary to high school are offering summer school. Ask your mentee if they will be attending. A meeting can be arranged either before or after the summer school time frame (or during lunch).
  • Several schools have a Community Learning Center (CLC) summer program. Ask your mentee if they will be attending a summer program and the location. This is an ideal place to meet your mentee.
  • On the sign-up form, you will be asked to indicate two choices of schools to meet at. If your mentee will not be attending summer school or a summer program, we (the TeamMates office) will need to obtain approval from your mentee’s school for meetings to be held there. The school may or may not have the means to provide space and/or supervision. For this reason, we are asking matches to choose a second school location. If there is no other school option for your mentee, choose the same school twice.

Mentors, please check with your mentee to see if they are interested in meeting with you before completing this request form. Once you have completed the form, we will communicate with your mentee’s parent/guardian to obtain permission and confirm a meeting schedule.

You are welcome to contact the TeamMates office with questions at or 402-436-1990.


Everyone loves finding a letter in the mailbox! The TeamMates office will be happy to pass along any letters or postcards you would like to send to your TeamMate. All mailings will be reviewed by TeamMates staff. Simply address your note as follows:

TeamMate’s Name, mentor/mentee
TeamMates Mentoring of Lincoln
5905 O St.
Lincoln, NE 68510