Trent Baker

Trent Baker

Community Outreach Specialist

Role within Lincoln TeamMates:

As a Community Outreach Specialist, I get to connect with new and potential mentors for the program! I reach out to businesses, religious groups, and other organizations to encourage and recruit new mentors. Not only do I set up recruiting events; but I get to tell the real stories of impact and life change when people choose to mentor young people here in Lincoln.

Top Five Gallup Strengths:

  • Developer
  • Includer
  • Empathy
  • Positivity
  • Connectedness

Who was your mentor? What lessons did they teach that stuck with you?

I have to give props to my Dad and Mom for being my most important mentors! But I’ve been beyond blessed to have another superhero mentor enter and impact my life. Dave entered my life as a minister at our church when I was a middle school kid. He helped me and my family through deaths and marriages, through everyday life struggles, and through all-out tragedies. He also happened to become my father-in-law! Sadly, we lost him suddenly 8 years ago. At his funeral, it became obvious that “being there for people” was a foundation of his life. I learned from him the best thing is not “live to get”, but “Live to Give!”

What is one of your favorite memories of your own TeamMates match?

I am brand new to TeamMates. I just recently met my TeamMate who is a 3rd grader, and so far, so good! He is such a kind, respectful, responsible guy! We have already connected on several levels including Super Smash Bros 🙂 He couldn’t believe that I- being an older guy- knew about “Cloud”, “Bayonetta”, “Link”, etc! This is gonna be fun! (except, so far he beats me in UNO every time).