Kindness Blooming

Lincoln Public Schools has over 3,500 teachers, 710 paraeducators, and 400 custodians that are just part of the over 6,000 employed throughout the school district. These professionals work tirelessly to ensure that students are happy and healthy while they learn at school. Many of the teachers take time at home and their own resources to ensure that their students have what they need.

Lincoln TeamMates understands the importance of these roles and the challenges they have faced over the past few years. To show school personnel just how appreciated they are, mentors and mentees created candy-adorned flowers to give to staff to brighten their days as a Community Service Project.

“The more we can do to spread kindness and appreciation to others, the better. I think people aren’t shown how loved they are often enough, so this is our way of showing that school staff make a difference,” stated Audrey Watson, Match Support Specialist for TeamMates.

One mentor emailed to say this about her mentee’s experience, “She absolutely loved this project and was so excited to share these with her teachers. The only drawback was her having to decide who the three recipients would be.” In total, 75 matches created over 200 flowers to hand out at elementary, middle, and high schools around Lincoln.

A mentee delivering her flowers to a Media Center Specialist