Delivering Sunshine to the US Postal Service

The United States Postal Service first began in 1775, but was made a permanent part of the government in 1792. To this day, everyone living in the US has access to the US Postal Service, which includes 136 million addresses. The US Postal Service prides itself on making connections between friends, families, and businesses.

In Lincoln, the US Postal Service serves on a smaller scale, but still prides itself on the connections it makes. There are over 475 postal workers in Lincoln in a variety of jobs – custodians, clerks, carriers, mail handlers, and management staff.

The COVID-19 pandemic tested the US Postal Service workers more than ever before. When many businesses closed or had employees working from home, they continued to deliver mail despite workers falling ill and being short staffed. 

The US Postal Service is a vital service in the Lincoln community and Lincoln TeamMates wanted to thank the workers for all they did during this difficult time on National Thank a Mail Carrier Day in February. Over 55 TeamMates matches made 115 suncatchers to be given to Postal Service employees to catch the sunshine even on cloudy days. Most of the suncatchers included messages of thanks and appreciation to the workers for their service. One of the favorites, “thank you for giving people their mail, even when it’s cold out.”

Have a mentee interested in a service career? The US Postal Service is currently hiring carriers for the city of Lincoln. Applicants must be 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, driver’s license and good driving record. Apply at USPS.com or call 402-473-1602 for more information.