Positivity Leads to Productivity

According to Gallup, 9 out of 10 people say that they are more productive when they are around positive people.

Imagine the last time you saw someone important to you. What did they say when they first saw you? How did that make you feel?

When we start our time with our mentee by saying or doing something positive, we are guiding the way that we want our time together to be. Even a simple, “I’m so glad to see you today, thanks for coming to school!” can develop a positive attitude and reinforce the efforts that your mentee is making at school. Here are some other ways you can positively greet your mentee when you see him or her:

Things You Can Do

Give them a smile

Compliment their smile

Hold the door open for them

Make up a special handshake to do when you see each other

Things You Can Say

“It’s great to see you!”

“How is your day going?”

“I always enjoy seeing you.”

“Anything exciting happening lately?”

“Any day seeing you is a great day!”

“I missed you last week (if mentee was absent). I’m so glad you are here today!”

Thank you for being a positive person in your mentee’s life!