TeamMates Give a Badge of Appreciation to Lincoln Fire and Rescue

Currently, 305 firefighters and EMTs comprise Lincoln Fire and Rescue (LFR). TeamMates of Lincoln set a goal to provide an appreciation magnet to every member of the LFR for Firefighter Appreciation Month in May. On May 21, TeamMates staff Stacey Blizek, Audrey Watson, and Jim Bennett delivered 326 magnets made by TeamMates mentors and mentees, achieving that goal.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue first banded in 1872, with between 40 and 50 men. Presently, LFR’s 305 firefighters and EMTs are distributed in 14 houses around Lincoln. In 2018, these local heroes responded to over 50,000 calls for service. Beyond saving lives and keeping our community safe, LFR prides itself on modeling honesty, integrity, dedication, teamwork, and compassion.  

The TeamMates representatives delivered the homemade magnets to Firehouse #1, located downtown near the UNL campus. They were greeted by members of the firefighting team, along with Fire Chief, Micheal Despain. The firefighters were excited to see the creativity demonstrated in each magnet and were eager to hang them in their lockers as a reminder of community support and appreciation for their service.