Past Spring Celebrations

Zaria holds up her graduation certificate of achievement and scholarships.

On April 28, 2022, Lincoln TeamMates held Spring Celebration for the 108 members of the graduating class of 2022 at UNL’s Willa Cather Dining Complex, Red Cloud Room. 

Mentees and their mentors, school facilitators, and families gathered to celebrate and hear well-wishes from their principals, Coach Tom Osborne, and LPS Superintendent Dr. Steve Joel. The highlight for many was our featured speakers, Zavier, Catherine and Cadan, all soon-to-be Lincoln TeamMates graduates from schools across the city. 

Each graduate received a commemorative medal and certificate of accomplishment. Jim Bennett, Coordinator of Lincoln TeamMates said, “I wish you could have seen their faces as they approached me to receive their medals. It was really special.”

In addition, 27 seniors received scholarships sponsored by community partners. Three of those seniors were featured speakers. Each of them shared their triumphs, strengths and the growth they have experienced in partnership with their caring mentors. Videos of their speeches can be found here.

Tori (left) receives a scholarship from donor Gus Dornbusch (right).

The 2021 Spring Celebration was unlike any before. The TeamMates senior class, family members, friends, and mentors joined in honoring our TeamMates 2021 seniors and scholarship recipients via Zoom on May 13th. It was a night filled with celebrations, heart-felt moments, and inspiring words. Please view the video of the night below.

2019 Spring Celebration Keynote Speaker was Dr. Hank Bounds, President of the University of Nebraska. In his message, Dr. Bounds shared his simple “keys to success” for those in attendance. The main attribute that he sees in successful people is “mental toughness.” To be mentally tough, he encourages having a positive approach to life, to continue looking forward to what is to come, and to always be kind. Dr. Bounds shared many examples of how students, mentors, and parents can instill these lessons into their everyday life.

Diane, Senior from Lincoln Southwest High School, was selected as the Student Speaker for the 2019 Spring Celebration. Diane shared the challenges and triumphs that she has experienced in her lifetime, and how her passion for art has helped her through it all. In 5th grade, Diane met her TeamMates mentor who believed in her goals and encouraged her to pursue her passions. Diane will be attending UNL in the Fall of 2019.

For a full list of the award winners, please visit our Awards page.