Past Spring Celebrations

The 2019 Spring Celebration Keynote Speaker was Dr. Hank Bounds, President of the University of Nebraska. In his message, Dr. Bounds shared his simple “keys to success” for those in attendance. The main attribute that he sees in successful people is “mental toughness.” To be mentally tough, he encourages having a positive approach to life, to continue looking forward to what is to come, and to always be kind. Dr. Bounds shared many examples of how students, mentors, and parents can instill these lessons into their everyday life.

Diane, Senior from Lincoln Southwest High School, was selected as the Student Speaker for the 2019 Spring Celebration. Diane shared the challenges and triumphs that she has experienced in her lifetime, and how her passion for art has helped her through it all. In 5th grade, Diane met her TeamMates mentor who believed in her goals and encouraged her to pursue her passions. Diane will be attending UNL in the Fall of 2019.

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