November Mentor Academy

TeamMates Match Support & Training Specialist, Ally Horne, provided an interactive Mentor Academy about Growth Mindset.

Watch the full video from the November Mentor Academy here.

Growth Mindset

At the November Mentor Academy, Ally Horne explained the concept of growth mindset and shared strategies and activities that mentors can use to foster a growth mindset. Horne encouraged mentors to find opportunities when their mentees could teach them something new as a way to model growth mindset and build trust.

Mentors practiced different growth mindset activities they could use with their mentees. They were asked to list three achievements and the steps and strategies they used to achieve that success. Then they shared a challenge they would like to work on. Horne helped mentors realize that many of the steps we take to achieve success can also be applied to our challenges.

Power of Yet

Horne shared a simple, yet powerful tip for mentors. When your mentee makes a statement regarding something they can’t do, add “yet” to the end of the statement. By adding “yet”, it implies that something is achievable. By discussing the possibilities and steps to take to reach goals, your mentee’s engagement will increase. When engagement is high, hope is high. “High hope kids do amazing things.”


Use the following resources to learn more about Growth Mindset and to find activities to share with your mentee.