Have You Filled Someone’s Bucket Today?

The concept of bucket filling and dipping is a perfect place to start our conversation about positivity! As the best-selling book, How Full is Your Bucket, by Tom Roth explains,

“All day long we are either filling up or dipping into each other’s buckets by what we say and what we do.”

A ‘bucket filler’ is simply someone who does and says positive things to others that then makes others feel good. When you fill someone’s bucket, yours is filled also. When our bucket is filled, we feel more confident in ourselves and we start to think positively and expect positive results.

We hear time and time again about the faces of students lighting up when they find out their mentor is at school. There are ‘bucket dippers’ in all of our lives that can bring us down, but by being a mentor, you are a ‘bucket filler’ in the life of a young person. The activities you do, the interactions you have, and the positive feedback you give makes your mentee feel good and can make a huge difference in his or her life.

Thank you for being a positive bucket filler!

Download our drop template that you can print, cut out, and write a message to your mentee. It’s a great way to ‘fill their bucket’ and point out the positives you see in them, recognize the things they do well, and encourage their efforts. Feel free to write whenever you want! Drops are also available at every school – just ask your facilitator.