Mentor Hall of Fame

A mentor is nominated to the Hall of Fame by a mentee, school personnel, or a parent, to recognize how the mentor’s weekly contribution of time has led to positive change in the life of the mentee. Mentors must be matched with their mentees for at least three years, and they must exemplify outstanding mentor qualities to be eligible for this recognition.

2023 Mentor Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Ashley Bell
  • Clair Christiancy
  • Brian Clinton
  • Miriam Crinion
  • Laura Cuong
  • Daniel Dufek
  • Holly Flanagan-Matzen
  • Bradly Goodner
  • Kyle Headley
  • Linda Markussen
  • Kendra Orth
  • Olivia Schmidt
  • Greg Sharpe
  • Paula Washington
  • Audrey Watson
  • BriAna Wycoff

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