Judi Yost Facilitator Award of Excellence

The Judi Yost Facilitator Award of Excellence is named after Judi Yost, a long time facilitator for the Lincoln TeamMates program. Judi helped to formalize the role of a facilitator in the early years of the program and continued to serve for more than twenty years.

The “Yostie” is given to individuals who consistently do an exceptional job of overseeing the TeamMates program at their school. Mentors nominate facilitators who provide excellent support and promote a positive mentoring culture in their schools.

2023 Judi Yost Facilitator Award of Excellence Winners

Deb Keith, Southeast High School

Sitting at the entrance to the Southeast High main office, Deb’s welcoming smile greets visitors just through the door. She juggles many responsibilities, but, as one of Deb’s mentors wrote, “It’s clear that Deb’s doing this from her heart, and not just because it’s in her job description.” 

Deb makes her mentees a priority. And, she acts as a wonderful support to her mentors, keeping in constant communication and connecting them to whatever resources they may need.

Molly Meradith, Everett Elementary

Molly serves as a counselor and the TeamMates facilitator at Everett Elementary. The mentors at Everett describe her as a good communicator and always available to listen. Her mentors say they feel valued and appreciated. 

Molly has overcome specific challenges in finding mentoring spaces while Everett has undergone renovations. Her successes are particularly impressive because this school year she is both new to Everett and the position of TeamMates facilitator. Molly has owned her new roles with commitment and intentionality.

2023 Facilitator Award of Excellence Nominees

  • Jenny Bykerk – Cathedral of the Risen Christ
  • Dana Erickson – Hill Elementary
  • Emily Hand – Meadow Lane Elementary
  • Deb Keith – Southeast High School
  • Susie Mahoney – Randolph Elementary
  • Molly Meradith – Everett Elementary
  • Jill Moore – Nuernberger Education Center
  • Brenda Parrish – Irving Middle School
  • Kimberly Peters – Bryan Community Focus Program
  • Stephanie Shuman – Pound Middle School
  • Rachel Roberts Spring – Southwest High School

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