Decade of Difference Award

The Decade of Difference Award is presented to mentors upon their 10th anniversary as a TeamMates mentor.  This award represents far more than simply a number; it demonstrates commitment, dedication, selfless giving, and caring about the youth they mentor.

We thank and honor this group of mentors who make a positive contribution to our community, one student at a time.

2022 Decade of Difference Award Winners

  • Ken Babcock
  • Richard Becker
  • Jeremiah Carlson
  • Lynne Carroll
  • Nancy Childs
  • Jeff Cole
  • Dean Faubel
  • Loy Forster
  • Matthew Gersib
  • Tyler Harrom
  • Dr. Steve Joel
  • Robert Klucas
  • Cindy Mefford
  • Jon Paolini
  • Molly Parde
  • Ramona Rhodes
  • Janette Robb
  • Michael Sinclair
  • Christopher Sommerich
  • Jay Stoa

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