Decade of Difference Award

The Decade of Difference Award is presented to mentors upon their 10th anniversary as a TeamMates mentor.  This award represents far more than simply a number; it demonstrates commitment, dedication, selfless giving, and caring about the youth they mentor.

We thank and honor this group of mentors who make a positive contribution to our community, one student at a time.

2024 Decade of Difference Award Winners

  • Roger Adams
  • Blake Becher
  • Debra Campos
  • Kathryn Claypool
  • Carole Curry
  • Rochelle Dahlquist
  • Nola Derby-Bennett
  • Scott Eckman
  • Gayle Ellis
  • Carrie Foster
  • Deanna Fuehrer
  • William Graeve
  • Jodie Green
  • Anne Hackbart
  • Timothy Hahn
  • John Horan
  • Burma Kroger
  • Gary Latimer
  • Marjorie McCabe
  • Rhonda Meyer
  • Kevin Miller
  • Vizma Schaeffer
  • Lou Skrdlant
  • Lix Standish
  • Jennifer Thuelin
  • Jenni Trembly
  • Jeffrey Valder
  • Timothy Van Ert
  • Elspeth Walker
  • Tracy Way

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