Origami Sun Decoration

Origami Suns


Supplies Needed:

  • 6 x 6″ Origami paper- 12 pieces
  • Glue
  • 3″ circle piece of white cardstock reading “Take time to soak up the sunshine of life” or another quote you like.


  1. Start with the patterned side down.

2. Fold diagonally from one corner to the other.

3. Now fold it diagonally the opposite direction.

4. Open it up.

5. Fold in half. Open it up.

6. Rotate your paper once to the other side, fold in half again.

7. Take a corner and fold it toward the center point.  Do the same for all corners.

8. Do not unfold.

9. Take a corner and fold the entire edge even with the center line.

10. Do the same for both sides.

11. Turn the “kite” over.

12. Take the top of the kite and fold it over to form an isosceles triangle.

13. Fold in half downward, or away from you.

14. There should be a little “pocket” on both sides.  You’re finished with one of the rays!  Make 12 rays total.

15. Hold two triangles facing the same direction next to each other.

16. Practice sliding the “legs” of one ray into the “sleeves” of another.

17. Put glue on the legs before inserting into the sleeves.  Glue three rays together at a time.

18. Glue your groups together to form a sun.  Put glue around the back of the circle quote and put on the front of the sun.