Flower Napkin Rings

These decorative napkin rings are a nice way to spruce up any table setting.

Supplies Needed:

  • Toilet paper roll, cut in half
  • Jute twine – 20-27 feet per half roll (length needed may vary depending on thickness of twine)
  • Artificial flowers with the stems removed
  • Scissors


Step1:  After cutting toilet paper roll in half, poke a small hole in the center using the pointier end of your opened scissors. This is where the flower will go after you wrap the tube with twine.

Step 2:  Going through the center of the tube, wrap one end of the twine around, tie snugly and knot.

Step 3:  Slide the knot to the inside of the tube so it won’t show. Slide the twine next to the hole so you can find it easily when you finish wrapping the twine.

Step 4:  Wrap the twine around and around, pulling it snug and making sure it lays right against the last loop so there aren’t any gaps where the cardboard will show through.

Step 5:  When the tube is completely covered, tuck the remaining twine under a loop or two on the inside of the tube. Trim off excess.

Step 6:  Put the flower in the hole.