Clock Patience

Supplies Needed:

  • Deck of cards


  1. Remove jokers from the deck and shuffle the cards.
  2. Place 12 cards face down in a circle like the face of a clock. Then place a card in the middle.
  3. Continue going around the circle until there is one card left. The piles making up the “clock” should have 4 cards, and the pile in the middle should have 3.
  4. Flip over your remaining card. This is the card you will start with.
  5. Place that card where it corresponds on the “clock.” Jacks = 11 and Queens = 12. Kings will go in the middle of the “clock.”
  6. Then, flip over the card in that number’s pile, and place that by the corresponding number.
  7. If you find a king, place that in the center of your “clock” and draw from the center pile.
  8. Try to sort all your cards to their correct places before all the kinds are found!