Policy Reminders

One of the core values of TeamMates is safety. It’s important for mentors, mentees, parents, and facilitators to be aware of the safety protocols of the schools and of the program.

Keeping Kids Safe

As volunteers in the schools, mentors are mandatory reporters if they see their mentee hurt or planning to hurt someone. If you discover your mentee is in an unsafe situation, please utilize one of the resources below:

Difficult or Crisis Situations

The mentor role is to be an advocate for their mentee to help them to be aware and access the resources they need. If mentors don’t know where to turn for answers, they should start with the contacts below:

  • Your School Facilitator. Each school has at least one school facilitator to guide mentors, mentees, and parents. The school facilitator is very knowledgeable about the supports available at the school and how a mentee can access them. To find the facilitator at your school, click here.
  • Your School Liaison. Each school also as a TeamMates liaison that can provide guidance. If there are questions beyond what the school can answer, contact the school liaison for support. To find the liaison at your school, click here.

Download these additional resources to help you during these situations.

  • How Caring Adults Can Help: This guide from the TeamMates Central Office offers tips on how to show your mentee support during times of crisis.
  • TeamMates Tips: This resource from the TeamMates Mentor Handbook provides helpful guidelines on how to support your mentee during difficult times.

TeamMates Policy Reminders

  • TeamMates relationship is face-to-face. Matches may not communicate with each other via phone, email, text, or social media.
  • Matches may only meet on school grounds. There are no outside of school meetings, unless it is a TeamMates sponsored group event.
    • Mentors can attend any extra-curricular activities that their mentee is involved in (such as plays, sports events, etc.), as long as these activities take place on school grounds. It does not have to be the school the mentee attends.
  • No gift giving is allowed. Gifts change the dynamic of a mentoring relationship.
  • Mentors may not bring lunch to their mentees per federal guidelines.
    • Mentors are welcome to bring their lunch or purchase a school meal and eat with their mentees.

School Safety Protocol

Lincoln Public Schools follows the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) developed by the I Love U Guys Foundation. Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary used and the actions taken in emergency situations by downloading this one-page handout. If you are in a school during an emergency situation, follow the directions of the nearest staff member.