March Community Service Project

Each month, TeamMates will offer a new community service idea for mentors and mentees to participate in together. These projects will help mentees learn about responsibility and compassion while giving back to the community.

Material kits provided.

Dog Toys for Capital Humane Society

Capital Humane Society serves the community by sheltering unwanted pets, acting as an advocate for animal welfare, and striving to educate the public about responsible pet care. Each year, Capital Humane Society takes care of approximately 6,500 animals. Animals that did nothing wrong, but are now on their own and waiting for a new home.

TeamMates mentors and mentees can help make that wait more enjoyable! Help us make toys for dogs to play with while they await adoption at Capital Human Society to play with. Show your appreciation for the work Capital Humane Society does and join Lincoln TeamMates in supporting their cause.

Knotted Braids Dog Toy Instructions

All toys should be delivered to the TeamMates office at 5905 O Street by Thursday, March 29.

If you have questions, would like to request materials be sent to the school where you mentor, are unable to drop off your toys to the TeamMates office, or would like to be involved with delivering toys, please contact Stacey Blizek at or call the TeamMates office at 402-436-1990.