2010 Carmen and Tony Messineo Community Involvement Award Winner: Greg Bouvier

Greg Bouvier is the Executive Pastor of Sheridan Lutheran Church. An at-risk child himself, he overcame significant challenges by the grace of God and with the help of many adults and peers who took an interest enough to see his potential despite his mistakes. Pastor Greg’s passion for TeamMates is rooted in the understanding that mentoring works and that life-long learning is the key to true fulfillment. Pastor Greg has spoken on behalf of TeamMates in a variety of venues, reaches out to other faith-based organizations to inspire them to become a TeamMates partner, and helped establish a link between his church and Belmont Elementary School, a partnership which has been mutually beneficial for each community. This effort has served as a model of sorts for the beginning of the “Faith-based Initiative” for Lincoln TeamMates.

Greg currently serves as the president of the Lincoln TeamMates Board of Directors.