Star Ornaments

Supplies needed:

  • scissors
  • paper cut stars
  • markers


Step 1. Cut out your star.

Step 2. Place the star with the dotted line face up. This line illustrates where you put your crease.

Step 3. Fold point 3 of the star toward point 1 of the star. Line up the points, and put a crease from the center of the star out toward point 2 of the star. Do not crease all the way across the star.

Step 4. Unfold, then repeat four more times for all other arms of the star.

Step 5. Flip your star over to the other side ( so the dotted line is on the backside).

Step 6. Be sure the hole is at the top, and write an encouraging word on your star.

Step 7. Crease your folds and manipulate the star to give it a 3D shape.

Step 8. Tie the ribbon through the hole.