Supplies Needed:

  • Deck of cards, remove the jokers


1. Set up your cards.  You will give each player 20 cards.  There will be 2 cards face down in the center side by side and 5 cards piled on each side of those cards.  Each player will turn over 5 of their cards so only they can view them.

2. To begin the game, each player reaches to one of the center cards on the table and turns it face up.  The players can now start placing cards.

3. Players begin stacking cards from their hand of 5 on to the center pile.

4. Cards placed on one of the piles must be one greater, one less, or the same as the face value on the uppermost card on the pile.  For example, if one of the center cards is a 7, the players can place a 6, 7, or 8 on the pile.  If an 8 is placed, then the players can place a 7, 8, or 9 on the pile.  (Values loop back highest to lowest – can play an Ace on a King or a 2).

5. Each player will always have 5 cards in his hand.  So, when one card is played on the center pile, the player can then pick up another card from his stack of 20.

6. If neither player can place a card on the center pile, both players pick up a card from the side piles and place on top of the nearest center pile.  The game then resumes.

7. The game is over when player has played all of the original 20 cards.  Be fast and have fun!