Knotted Braids Dog Toy

Every dog deserves a bone, or maybe just a crazy knotted braids thing to whip around.

Supplies Needed:


  • 6 multi-colored strips of fleece – 3.5″ x 30″


Step 1:  Lay the fleece out in two sets of three strips.

Step 2: Knot the end of each set of three strips.

Step 3:  Braid each of the sets and knot the other end to keep the braids in place. (Note: The tighter the braids and knots, the more durable the toy.)

Step 4:  Bend each braid in the middle and loop the bends together.

Step 5:  Knot the center using Leg #1 and Leg #2 (See photo above). Then, tie another knot in the center using Leg #3 and Leg #4.

Step 6:  Tie a center knot using Legs #1 and #3. Lastly, knot the center by using Legs #2 and #4. The result should be one very large center knot.

Find a dog and enjoy!